Best Drugstore Liquid Foundations

Drugstore Foundation

We must not hesitate from using liquid foundation because many drugstore foundations work well as compared to the branded ones. The drugstore foundations have become quite popular now days and are used by a number of females. This article will help you find out about some best drugstore liquid foundations. The method to find the best drugstore liquid foundation is the one that matches your skin type.

The one that goes perfectly with your face is considered the best drugstore foundation. Before purchasing a foundation always test the foundation in the natural lighting this will help you figure out whether the foundation is suitable for your skin type or not. However in a lot of stores there isn’t proper lighting so you might fail to buy a correct foundation. Picking up the best drugstore liquid foundation can be a tough job.

However there are many cosmetic stores that have the policy of returning cosmetic products, so one must try the foundation in natural lighting after buying it. There are a certain number of females that aren’t blessed with flawless skin. Sometimes these females get rid of the oiliness but even then they had to face a lot of skin conditions such as large pores, uneven tone of skin and severe dryness. These skin conditions don’t make them look any better.

One must always buy those foundations that are good in quality because a bad quality foundation makes the skin dull. Best drugstore foundations are the ones that goes well with your skin and makes it look smooth and perfect. Just like branded foundations there are a lot of drugstore foundations that helps to heal and conceal the skin. In this article our main focus is on best drugstore foundation for both oily and dry skin.

All those females that have oily skin must go for matte drugstore foundations and the ones who have dry skin must always go for liquid drugstore foundations. Choosing a wrong foundation can ruin your skin and make it look worse. The one with dry skin should always stick to those foundations that have hydration as well as luminosity properties. Foundation comes in a variety of formulas. The best drugstore foundations contain minerals. Dry skin usually feels uncomfortable, so this article will help you choose some best drugstore liquid foundations for oily skin and some best drugstore liquid foundations for dry skin.

Apart from the fact that they are easily available in the market and are cheap as compared to the branded ones, drugstore foundations come in different colors and for every kind of skin. A person must know which drugstore foundation is best suitable for her skin type before purchasing it. As these foundations aren’t expensive , so you can buy a number of them each having a different shade in order to know which goes best with your skin type. In order to test it ,apply it or your forearm or neck to get a perfect idea of your skin tone. Doing the testing in natural lighting can make a huge difference.

Here are some of the best drugstore foundations for oily and dry skin listen below.

Best drugstore foundation for oily skin:

Clarins Ever Matte Skin Balancing Foundation

Neutrogena SkinClearing Oil-Free Makeup

Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow

Burberry Velvet Foundation

Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse

Estée Lauder Equalizer Smart Makeup

Stila Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer

Best drugstore foundation for dry skin:

Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup SPF 20

Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse Foundation

Urban Decay Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup


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