How To Apply Liquid Foundation

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Since a very long time people have been applying cosmetics on their skin in order to enhance its look and to make it look beautiful. But the earlier skin foundations used by a number of females were more similar to the paint for concealing skin instead of being a cosmetic in order to enhance the skin. The foundation were used a lot and on daily basis by the actors so that they could look good on the screen.The foundations which were used a long time ago were in a form of solid cakes. But with the passage of time and with the advancement in products new liquid formulas came into being. These formulas took the place of heavy foundation cake because now the foundations are being used by everybody on daily basis. Now females apply foundations not only on formal get-togethers but on causal gatherings as well so this was the main reason behind the creation of lighter liquid formulas. Today the liquid foundations have become very popular because of their convenience. They are available in a lot of colors each with different formulas. But they require proper application. They makes the skin look free of marks, wrinkles leaving a smoother and a beautiful look on the skin. They contain ingredients that help to protect our skin from the harmful rays of sun. Finding the easiest and best way for applying liquid foundation can be very tricky because a little mistake during application can ruin you look by making the foundation look visible on your skin. A slight spot of foundation that isn’t blend properly with the help of brush or a foundation pad can make you look horrible. Learning tips for applying liquid foundation can very helpful when it comes to proper application of liquid foundation. One must look on the internet or consult an expert regarding how to apply liquid foundation. Females must chose those foundations that are best for their skin tone and make the skin look excellent.  Here are some of the tips for applying liquid foundation.

  1. Before applying the liquid foundation rinse your face with plenty of water in order to remove all kind of dirt from your face.
  2. Dry your face using a tissue or a towel and apply a moisturizer
  3. Now put small amount of liquid foundation either on the brush or the sponge and put dots on your cheeks, nose chin and other left over areas of your face.
  4. Cover your entire face with foundation liquid dots
  5. Spend it with the help of sponge or a brush so that it matches your skin tone
  6. Settle it for 4 to 5 minutes.
  7. In order to further set the foundation, use your compact powder.
  8. Now you can apply any other cosmetic product your wish to apply.

Another method for applying a liquid foundation is with the help of your finger. Applying foundation with fingers requires and easy method as compared to the one applied using a sponge or a brush. Here are some of the ways for applying foundation with fingers.

  1. Wash your hands with soap or a hand wash
  2. Now put the small amount of liquid foundation on the tips of your finger
  3. Put dots on every area of your skin with the help of your fingertips.
  4. Now blend your skin properly using fingers.
  5. Make sure that you blend properly and no area is left unblended other your skin would look very uneven and bad
  6. Now wash your hand with water immediately.


All these tips must be kept in mind before applying a liquid foundation on the skin.


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